Business Plan

Feasibility Study: “To begin with an end in the mind” It is essential to examine the operational and financial feasibility of a business idea in relation to the available resources so that no capital, effort, or time is wasted. It is our objective to develop a multi-dimensional feasibility study which lays out the potential, possible pitfalls that can occur, benchmarking practiced techniques of existing players, as well as other know-hows to launch the business with minimal disruptions.
Extensive Plans: A detailed blueprint on how to make the model function efficiently, covering the core functions of businesses including purchase, inventory, production/operations, sales, marketing, finance, and human resource. We believe in a practical lay out, keeping in mind the nuances of the market, human behavior – the team and its characteristics in aligning with the tasks, systems defined to track and review, its flaws. We understand that the growth pattern is more than the CAGR, it needs capital, its challenges. Through a collaborative approach, we devise plans based on the deep understanding of the vision of the stakeholder.

Compact Plans: A one man business or small scale business idea does not need an extensive study or detailed plan to launch, a concise plan is sufficient to answer the key questions of such budding entrepreneurs or ideators.
We aim to develop precise plans that highlights the vital elements of each function that will guide to structure, run and grow the business efficiently.


Pitch Deck: Delivering high-impact pitch decks that refuse to be ignored. Our sole focus is on developing attention grabbing presentation that details your unique business story and metrics that make it an investment worthy idea